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Retail Product Package Design

A probiotic breakthrough requires pro rebranding. An established food and beverage industry specializing in dry blending of food and drink ingredients capitalized on the development of probiotics that could withstand hot temperatures, thus allowing the beneficial flora of probiotics to be used in hot drinks, as opposed to just refrigerated products – like yogurt. Most of their established products were in the private label production as a strategic partner with known brands, but this new product gave them a chance to launch their own retail product. At this point, they needed a logo change and package design suitable for competitive store shelves.

Result Working with a marketing consultant/writer specializing in product launches, JCharlier developed a new logo and tagline. Package designs – from individual serving “sticks” to shipping cartons for many SKUs – were designed to attract the attention of grocery chain purchasers and distributors –and consumers. Package design mock-ups gave product developers and sales and marketing teams an opportunity to weigh in on all aspects of the product – from legal to labeling, and from shipping to store display. The product was introduced in select locations of a major grocery chain on a trial basis (which was the goal!); development of the product, branding and sales continues.

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